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Planning for a new ERP System


The key to survival and the competitive edge in the manufacturing world is the successful installation and the technologies of an ERP system. When successfully implemented, ERP systems link all areas of a company.Benefits include declines in inventory, improved productivity, information about customer wants and needs, reductions in working capital and the ability to view and manage the enterprise of suppliers and customers as a whole.

Planning for an ERP system usually occurs when an organization realizes that current business processes and procedures are inefficient for their current and future needs.

Why plan for a new ERP system? The current system is requiring the use of multiple points of input with duplicated effort, the inability to support the organization’s needs, extensive resources for maintenance and support, and especially the inability of employees to respond to questions or information requested by customers or suppliers.

Successful ERP implementation requires top management support, the use of experienced ERP providers and a clear company goal identifying the critical issues that affect the implementation process and know when in the process to address them effectively. An experienced ERP provider is invaluable in helping companies identify those critical issues.


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