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The History of Software


See Metasystems in the timeline of “The History of Software” brought to you by Capterra



Seamless ERP Process vs Jigsaw Puzzle of Spreadsheets

ERP puzzle under computer

Who likes change?  Most people would admit – Not Me!  Sorry to all you if-it’s-not-broke-don’t-fix-it believers, but sometimes improvement prevails even if things are currently running smoothly.

 Everyone has been through change, and if you are reading this blog, probably from a laptop or an iPad, you too are a survivor.  You’ve survived technological change.  And what an important change it has been.  It makes life and work faster, easier and in the long-run cheaper.  Now, change may be necessary for your company to survive…Process and Software Change!  Yes, I mean Integrated ERP Software!


Editorial – Manufacturing Software Buyerview by Software Advice

Evaluating ERP Software

Over the years, Software Advice http://www.softwareadvice.com/manufacturing/buyerview/report-2013/ has spoken to thousands of manufacturing software buyers. As a point of reference, we thought it would be helpful to provide potential buyers with an overview of manufacturing software buyer pain points and reasons for purchasing a new software system.

Key Findings:


BarTender® Again Named Best Professional Barcode Software


TopTenREVIEWS, a prominent website dedicated to independent product reviews, has named BarTender as the Best Professional Barcode Software for the second year in a row. The review site delivered its endorsement after analyzing dozens of features and capabilities in ten barcode software packages.


Planning for a new ERP System


The key to survival and the competitive edge in the manufacturing world is the successful installation and the technologies of an ERP system. When successfully implemented, ERP systems link all areas of a company.Benefits include declines in inventory, improved productivity, information about customer wants and needs, reductions in working capital and the ability to view and manage the enterprise of suppliers and customers as a whole.


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