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Many ERP systems stop their functionality once the product leaves the door. Not so with Accelerated where the shipment of the product is the beginning of our support for the AfterMarket. AfterMarket support includes Warranty management, registration, claims submittal and claims authorization. Return Material Authorizations, service logs, repair and overhaul are all integrated into the software.



Warranty Management ERP Software can be maintained for any product to capture company specific warranty criteria. Companies can define the criteria that must be maintained including but not limited to the following; serial number tracking, warranty expiry dates, all prior claims reported, repair dates, and repair information performed on the individual product.

Unlimited reporting capabilities from the information captured will allow you to:

  • Maintain internal tracking of consistently malfunctioning parts by vendor
  • Review product reliability – so future modifications and enhancements for product improvement(s) can be suggested and established
  • Track most used service centers
  • Track repair costs
  • Compare ‘estimated’ –vs- ‘actual’ cost estimates for repairs
  • Track/establish/define a ‘base estimate’ of hours it takes to perform a particular repair – so estimates to your customers are more closely quoted
  • Eliminate ‘claim’ overpayment
  • Analyze warranty processes and effectiveness
  • Improve service to the business partner and end customer
  • Claim costs that are supplier supported can be recovered

Part Sales

After-market Part Sales

Parts Quotes or Parts Orders can be generated based on the Type selected at the top of the form. The form is divided into three tab pages. The Heading tab is used to identify the Customer Bill to Account Number and Ship to Location along with other general information. The ‘Items” tab allows you to select the parts to quote or parts your customer will purchase. The ‘Sale’ tab allows you to complete the sale of the order and prepare the shipment of the parts. The ‘Prog (progress) Bill’ tab allows you to invoice progress payment. Examples of progress billing (user defined) include: Pre Payment invoice, Holdback Invoice, Billing on Percentage of completion, etc…

Service Repair

Accelerated ERP Service Repair and Overhaul

The Service Order can take the form of an Estimate and also be used to define and track the execution of the Service. The form is comprised of several tab pages. The “Header” tab identifies the Customer, Unit, Salesman and other general information about the Service Order. On the main screen, as little or as much information you have can be entered (additional information can be entered at a later time). The main purpose for the service repair is to quickly add a new service order with a place to enter the customer’s description of the repair(s) needed. The additional tabs complete the service order, where labor, parts, miscellaneous charges and billing can be completed…all of which is handled through this one screen.


Accelerated ERP Rentals

The Rental Unit processing is comprised of a management of serialized (or non-serialized) products available from your rental fleet. Non-serialized units typically will be defined with a unit number so that tracking can be maintained on the individual unit.

The order entry process for rentals identifies the products that are being rented as well as the terms and conditions of the rental. Accelerated ERP will then allow a transaction to take place noting the delivery of the rental unit. Once the rental unit has been delivered to the customer, the rental units are invoiced according to the terms and conditions as well as the rental cycle set up in the order entry process.

When the rental is returned, another Accelerated ERP transaction is entered. Upon return, typically the unit is sent for return inspection and then the generation of the final invoice can begin. After inspection, if necessary, billing is generated for any necessary repairs to the unit, adjustments are made from the original deposits received, and billing is completed for any partial rental period.

Service Logs

Service Logs

Accelerated ERP Service Log was designed for quick recording of a new service request while on the phone with a customer. The information that is required to be entered on this form is minimal. You can enter as little as the customer name. What is good about this is you have the service log created, and all the additional information can be entered at a later time. We designed the service log to be user and customer friendly, this is especially good if you have (although this would never happen with your company) for example, an irate customer. The last thing you want to do is make an unhappy customer spell every thing out when all they want to do is have you come out to make a repair, pick up the broken equipment, or get them back up and running ASAP.