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The backbone to any ERP system is the engineering module. By providing strong functionality to handle Engineering Change Request (ECR) and Change Notices (ECN), Accelerated ERP provides the management of engineering data. The ability to attach drawing documents to the part ensures that only the latest drawings are used on the shop floor and by your vendors. By utilizing part number management and complex engineering status controls makes Accelerated ERP ideal for Engineer to Order (ETO) companies. A “design-it-once” mentality may be maintained by having a single Bill of Material (BOM) with the components chosen by configuration or complex specification rules including formula driven calculations.

Highlighted Features of ERP Software for Engineering
  • Product configuration
  • Product Information
  • Bills of material (BOM) & routing - unlimited levels
  • Engineering change control (ECN)
  • Seamless CAD interface
  • Workflow
Highlighted Benefits of ERP Software for Engineering
  • User defined part numbers with numerous descriptive and sort fields
  • All BOM processing maintained online in real time
  • Automatic revision updates throughout the system
  • Manage drawing revision, bill of material structure and routing effectively

Product Defination

Engineering Product Definition

  • Part numbers are created with numerous descriptive and sort fields, all user defined
  • Complete cross reference capability to manufacturer and supplier part numbers
  • Substitute part numbers and detailed specifications and notes
  • Part number/drawing number searches by part categories and specifications
  • Unit of measure conversion for purchasing and sales

Bill of Materials

Bills of Material Software (BOM’s)

  • Maintain successive levels of the bill from top part
  • Add new part numbers from the bill of material maintenance program
  • Search within a bill by part number/reference number/part description
  • Maintain product options and attach or add new bill of material notes
  • Maintain part effectivity, even if the full engineering change module is not used
  • Create a snapshot of a multi level bill of material with costs
  • Archive bills available for inquiries and reports in bill of material software

Product Configurator

Product Configurator

Accelerated ERP Engineering has been designed to meet the challenges of today, and tomorrow. One key aspect of Accelerated ERP, which sets it apart from the competition, is the integrated Product Configurator. The Product Configurator is an integrated element Accelerated ERP, which greatly enhances a make-to-order / engineer-to-order company’s ability to present their complex product to the marketplace. The configurator can be a salesperson’s best friend with the ability to navigate through selection of product features without concern for "build-ability" or conflicting options. The configurator is also a great aid to engineering giving them a "design it once" capability that avoids time consuming re-design for each special order.

Powerful Custom Configurator Generator:
  • Sequenced display of feature-family sections
  • Ability to see full configuration price in ETO ERP
  • What-if simulation on alternate configurations
  • Top-down or bottom-up generation of complex "system" requirements
  • Ability to view custom Bills of Material and cost prior to "committing" to structure in Engineer to order software
  • To generate "permanent" parts and bills – or work with "transient" structures
  • Direct inclusion of custom structure into quote and/or sales order

Flexible Configurator Setup:

  • Option for either rules based or bill-based approach
  • Easy definition of feature and family rules
  • Power to define relationships between two or more configured products
  • Ability to define "ship separate" structures
  • Easy feature-based pricing structure
  • Ability to define models as products with pre-defined feature selections



  • Set up for labor and outside service costing and shop floor scheduling with work centers and routings
  • Define capacities, value rates, set up and run times
  • Many to many routing/part number relationship
  • Provides process and quality instructions, routing copy feature, and operation where used
  • Routing date effectivity and routing copy feature

Engineering Changes

Engineering Changes

  • Date and planned stock out effectivity with ETP ERP
  • Manage drawing revision, bill of material structure and routing effectivity with bill of material software
  • Review past structures and plan with future structures
  • Develop change notes, review and sign off, costs and action lists