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Accelerated ERP software  is designed for small and mid-sized discrete manufacturing companies. Our ERP Business applications offers a Quote to Production to Cash to Warranty business flow with emphasis on engineering, product configurator, production scheduling and many more applications. More than that, Metasystems has the expertise and specialists that can relate to ERP solutions for specific industry requirements.

Product Configuration Application

Product Configuration Applications

  • BOM based configuration
  • Rules based configuration
    • Complex rules may be developed utilizing formulas
    • Configuration Pricing option available
  • Generate unique BOM’s or use distinct Work Order BOM’s with only those parts valid for the configuration

Engineering Applications

Engineering Work Bench

  • All part number information from one screen.
  • User defined part numbers with numerous descriptive and sort fields
    • Part templates for easy consistent entry
  • Record Part Specification with search abilities based on specs
  • Manage Engineering Holds
  • ECR/ECN capabilities with date effectivity
  • Automatic revision updates throughout Accelerated ERP
  • Where used searches to determine overall affect of change
  • BOM (Bill of material)
  • Graphical Tree structure BOM maintenance
  • All BOM processing maintained online in real time
  • Routings
    • Multiple Routings per Part'
    • Multiple Parts per Routing
  • Seamless CAD interface
  • Manage drawing revision, bill of material structure and routings
  • Attach Drawings, electronic product information literature and other electronic documents to the drawing.
  • Ability to choose electronic documents as attachments to purchase orders.

Order Management Applications

Sales Order Work Bench

  • All Customer and Sales Order information from one screen.
  • Order Processing
  • Most information defaulted from customer or part number
  • Including notes
  • Unlimited User Defined Notes
  • Add extra charges for the order not associated with specific line item
  • Attach electronic documents to the sales order (drawings, customer PO#, etc…)
  • Multiple price lists with quantity breakdown
  • Currency Conversion
  • Unit of Measure conversion
  • Multiple discounts available
  • Real-time order review approval and tracking
  • Configure complex products to customers’ specific requirements
  • Automatic issue of Make to Order Work Orders and Purchase to Order PO’s
  • Shipping and Invoicing
      •     Automatic UPS WorldShip or Fed Ex interface
      • Automatic back-flush of Kitting components
  • Ability to identify serial numbers at shipping with or without full production serial number control
  • Full product history and traceability including S/N and lot tracking
  • Automatic faxing or emailing of Order Acknowledgement, Invoice and Customer Statements

Inventory Control

Inventory Control ERP Applications

  • Multiple Inventory buckets kept: On Order, On Reserve, Receiving Inspection
  • Complete audit of all inventory movement
  • Part Substitutions tracked and maintained
  • Usage history analysis with combined substitution
  • Part Number Hold Maintenance
  • Obsolete Part identification
  • Complete Cycle Counting
  • Physical Inventory
  • Interplant processing


Manufacturing ERP Software Application

  • Resource planning
    • Efficient processing through a fully integrated MRP
    • Min/Max Reorder Points supported
    • Shortages analysis
    • Kan-Ban
  • Capacity Analysis
    • View the shop floor by work center or work center groupings
    • View Daily, Weekly, Monthly
    • See what orders are using the capacity
  • Work Order Release Control
    • Release Work Orders by Manufacturing area
      - Different paperwork / labels may be produced in each area
    • Review shortages prior to release
  • Shop floor control
    • Easily maintain and adjust Production Scheduling
    • Time and Attendance
      - Attendance only or report labor to work orders
      - Scanned labor tracking
    • Track Inventory movement through the shop
  • Multi Level Work Orders - Show a multi level BOM on a work order
  • Back-flush material
    • Global issue
    • Back-flush at an operation
    • Back-flush on Work Order completion
  • Lot and S/N (serial number) control
  • Full product history and traceability

Purchasing Applications

Purchasing ERP Applications

  • Purchasing Workbench
    • All Vendor and purchase order information available from one screen
  • Currency Conversion
  • Unit of Measure Conversion
  • Vendor / Part Approvals
  • Request For Quotes
  • Receipt to Inventory or to Receiving Inspection
  • Barcode labels produced on receipt
  • Ability to identify “hot” items for issuance to shop floor

Quality Control

Quality Control ERP Applications

  • Full scrap tracking
  • Reject tracking
  • Test Definition and Test Results with Certificates of Conformance
  • Non Conforming Material tracking

CRM Applications

CRM ERP Applications (Customer Relationship Management)

  • Tracking customers
    • Have a complete customer profile at your fingertips
  • Unlimited Customer Contacts
  • Searching customers
    • Track buying habits
  • Milestones
  • Customer Sales history
    • Generate sales trend and analysis reports
  • Complete event log of all transactions / communication with customer
  • Drill down to all customer related data Open Orders, Shipments, A/R etc…

Financials Applications

Financials ERP Software Applications (A/R, A/P, G/L)

  • Integrated functionality of Financials with the entire Accelerated ERP system
  • Ability to drill down to source documents
  • True multi-Company, multi-Location capabilities
    • Income Statement Rollup
    • Balance Sheet Rollup
  • Financial reporting, forecasting and budgeting
    • Real time Cash flow
    • Real time and on line reporting
    • System and user defined reporting capabilities
    • Online Income Statement and Balance Sheet with drill downs to account numbers all the way to the transactions that issued the G/L entry.
  • Automatic integration to purchasing and G/L with payment schedule calculations
    • Value inventory and determine cost of goods sold
  • Cost Accounting
  • Standard Cost
  • Average Cost
  • Actual Cost

Warranty Management

After-market including Warranty Management

  • Warranty
    • Warranty Registration
    • Warranty Claims maintenance
    • Ability to process and track warranty claims made by outside service contractors
    • Maintain internal tracking of consistently malfunctioning parts by vendor
    • Track repair cost
    • Improve service to the business partner and end customer
      - Compare ‘estimated’ –vs- ‘actual’ cost estimates for repairs
    • Eliminate ‘claim’ overpayment
    • Analyze warranty processes and effectiveness
    • Claim costs that are supplier supported can be recovered
  • After-market Parts Sales
  • RMA Tracking
    • Assign RMA numbers for returns
    • Track Receipt of RMA
    • Disposition RMA
    • Track Return Shipments
    • Track Rework work orders
  • Service Repair
    • Ability to track material, labor to all repair jobs
    • Utilize library of Maintenance tasks for scheduled maintenance or often utilized repairs
  • Rentals
  • Service Logs
    • Integrated with Warranty Claims and RMA’s



  • Throughout the system the Metasystems team has designed Workbenches that will make it easier for department managers to keep track of important information, changes, modifications, dates alterations, etc... All pertinent information related and relevant to their job is available from one 'workbench' screen. Working from one screen rather than searching for multiple programs will allow your workers to perform their jobs more efficiently.
  • Workbenches:
    • Sales Order Workbench
    • Purchasing Workbench
    • Engineering Workbench
    • Shop Floor Workbench
    • Financials Workbench

Work Flow Management

Work Flow Management Applications

  • Ability to track any event which takes place in Accelerated ERP and send work flow notification of event to one or more users. Email of workflow is optional.
  • Ability to view workflow notifications with ability transfer directly to the screen to investigate or follow up