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Shop Floor Management Software

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Sales Order Management Provides methodology to enter complex order requirements and managing the orders throughout their life cycle. Accelerated ERP’s Order Management system has the ability to automatically create the shop floor orders or purchase orders in Make to Order and Purchase to Order environments. All data flows from the Quote to the Cost Estimate to the placement of the order. Combining our product configurator with flexible pricing guidelines helps to simplify the order management process for small businesses and discrete manufacturers.

Highlighted Features of Order Management Software
  • Order Processing
  • Inventory Control
  • Purchasing and Receiving
  • Shipping & Invoicing
  • Sales Reporting & History
  • Finished Product Configurator
Highlighted Benefits of Order Management Software
  • Sales tools to maintain multiple price lists
  • Real-time order review and tracking
  • Configure complex products to customers’ specific requirements
  • Full product history and traceability including S/N, VIN and Lot tracking

Quoting and Estimatings

Quoting and Estimating

The sales process often starts with the preparation of an estimate that is presented as a quote to a customer and eventually leads to a shop floor order. Accelerated ERP Software provides a powerful and seamless process (Order management software ) to develop, deliver and convert complex estimate based quotes.

  • Cost-based estimates with markup
  • Target margin computation
  • Multi-level, structured estimate
  • No need to create part records
  • Ability to convert quote to an order
  • Ability to define detailed labor operations
  • Capable of auto-generating parts and routings

Order Processing

Order Processing

  • On-line real-time access to product availability and production status down to specific orders
  • Multiple price lists and tools to maintain those price lists
  • Default order information available from customer and sales person
  • Substitute and obsolete part identification
  • Order copy features, quotation promotion
  • User defined order types available in ERP order management software
  • Multiple scheduled deliveries & mass date/quantity change
  • Currency and unit of measure conversions
  • Optional direct feed to MRP or blend with build plan in MPS

Product Configurator

Product Configurator

Accelerated ERP Engineering has been designed to meet the challenges of today, and tomorrow. One key aspect of Accelerated ERP, which sets it apart from the competition, is the integrated Product Configurator. The Product Configurator is an integrated element of Accelerated ERP, which greatly enhances a make-to-order / engineer-to-order company’s ability to present their complex product to the marketplace. The configurator can be a salesperson’s best friend with the ability to navigate through selection of product features without concern for "build-ability" or conflicting options. The configurator is also a great aid to engineering giving them a "design it once" capability that avoids time consuming re-design for each special order.

Powerful Custom Configurator Generator
  • Sequenced display of feature-family sections
  • Ability to see full configuration price
  • What-if simulation on alternate configurations
  • Top-down or bottom-up generation of complex "system" requirements
  • Ability to view custom Bills of Material and cost prior to "committing" to structure
  • To generate "permanent" parts and bills – or work with "transient" structures
  • Direct inclusion of custom structure into quote and/or sales order


Flexible Configurator Setup:
  • Option for either rules based or bill-based approach
  • Easy definition of feature and family rules
  • Power to define relationships between two or more configured products
  • Ability to define "ship separate" structures
  • Easy feature-based pricing structure
  • Ability to define models as products with pre-defined feature selections

Shipping and Invoicing

Shipping and Invoicing

  • Shipping analysis and planned shipments available
  • Ship from dock or from stock
  • Serialized and lot shipments are recorded
  • Invoicing updates ledger, receivables and history