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Industries Served

Having a flexible, configurable ERP package allows Metasystems’ Accelerated ERP software to work well in a number of diverse industries.Some of those industries include but not limited to: Window and Door Manufacturers, Cabinet Manufacturers, Trailer Manufacturers, and Capital Equipment Manufacturers. Below are samples of some of the industries we serve along with links to download specific information on each industry:

Truck/Trailer Manufacturers

Accelerated ERP Software is a functionally rich system for Trailer Manufacturers. Key functionality to support this type of manufacturer include, basic manufacturing, repair, overhaul, rental processing, warranty and after-market parts sales. Accelerated ERP’s versatile Product Configurator allows choices to be made when quoting or entering the order. These choices will result in a custom Bill of Material to be used for the specific unit being built. Pricing is automatically calculated from the configuration options chosen using price books and customer specified discounts, etc. In Make to Order (MTO) environments such as this, the shop floor work orders are automatically created to be released and scheduled. Once released to the floor, Accelerated provides a real-time view of time and materials used on each unit and work order status is readily attainable. Unit tracking where the status of each VIN being produced on the floor is tracked gives everyone an accurate view of what is being produced on the shop floor. Click on the link below to download the specs specific to the Truck/trailer Manufactures.




Cabinet Manufacturers

In the Cabinet Manufacturing industry, speed and accuracy of Order Entry is of utmost importance. The ability of having a custom order entry screen allows efficient entry of all configuration options including type of wood, hardware selection, finish and dimensions. These characteristics allow each unit on the order to be automatically and accurately priced. Once the order is accepted, Accelerated ERP flows the dimensional order entry requirements from the sales order to the shop floor providing accurate build instructions, material requirements and cut lists. Flexible scheduling allows you to schedule the shop floor by order date, by truck route, and/or use capacity constraints to manage the schedule. Truck scheduling allows you to plan and track your shipments through the delivery of your product; which then triggers invoicing and automatic posting to the General Ledger. Click on the link to download specs regarding the cabinet manufacturers industry.


Capital Equipment Manufacturers

Accelerated ERP’s ability to work in a Make to Order (MTO) and Engineer to Order (ETO) environment, allows Capital Equipment Manufacturers to accurately control Bills of Material (BOM) and Routings. Project Control allows each unit to be tracked in an easily controlled manner. Purchasing and Build schedules may also be controlled by the project. The ability of having multi-level work orders allows the build process to be controlled and complex structures identified without the need for excessive paperwork and tracking requirements. The complexity of these products makes it imperative to have a strong engineering module, including Engineering Change Requests (ECR) and Engineering Change Control (ECN). The ability to view drawings right from the software is a feature that allows for accuracy of builds ensuring only the latest drawings are used on the shop floor. Click on the link below to download the spec sheet for ERP software for Capital Equipment manufacturers.


Construction Equipment Manufacturers

Tracking “as built” serial numbers allows for complete After- Market functionality. As the parts flow through the shop floor, sub-assembly serial numbers are recorded to the main unit. As parts are issued or back-flushed they are also recorded as part of the “as built” structure. Kanban control of floor stock allows for more accurate and timely inventory control. Special programs set up for use with a distributors network, allow for tracking of warranty costs and repair history of each unit.

The Construction Equipment Manufacturing Industry needs strong capabilities to handle service logs, interacting with RMA’s and vendor warranty claims; this makes Accelerated ERP software an attractive option.  Click on the link to download specific specs for the Construction Equipment industry.


Engineered Components Manufacturers

Accelerated ERP Software was specifically designed for discrete manufacturers including Highly Engineered Component manufacturers with a strong emphasis on Engineer to Order (ETO) capabilities. The MRP (Material Requirements Planning) and forecasting will help to improve inventory control and scheduling on the shop floor. Accelerated allows access to real-time information that helps to tighten lead times, control costs, and better control inventory. Handling of serial numbers with bar code labels and screens designed for bar code scanning help maintain the accuracy of the serial number tracking as well as the inventory. Part Substitutions are common within this industry. Accelerated ERP not only keeps track of the substitutions but allows combined part usage for substitutes for better planning. A strong quality control module helps to track scrap and rejects as well as store data for testing and certification. click on the link to download the specs for engineered component manufacturers.


coatings.240 by 160
Coatings and Sealant Manufacturers

Metasystems team of experts has the unique ability to understand and grasp the needs of a wide variety of industries.  Nothing was more evident than when we completed the software implementation with a local Roof Coating and Sealant manufacturer.  One of their critical functionality requirements was the ability to make custom Formula BOM’s.  There was also a need for Lot control & tracking, as well as finished-good lot assignment, Barcoding,  Product labels and product lot testing compliance.  Accelerated offers a fully integrated ERP business system with complete functionality for Sales, CRM, Manufacturing, Engineering, Financials and Warranty Management. Click to download the  spec sheet for ERP for software for coatings and roof sealant manufacturers.


utility trailer 240 by 152
Utility Trailer Manufacturers

Metasystems’ years of experience working with large trailer manufacturers made for an easy transition and fit to provide ERP for Utility trailer manufacturers.  Key functionality needed for Utility manufacturers is the use of Accelerated ERP’s strong Product Configurator; which allows users to select from specific options to configure your trailer at the Quote/Sales Order entry.  Feature pricing is automatically calculated from the options chosen using price books and customer specified discounts.  Also key is VIN# creation for each unit produced and shop floor paperwork is automatically generated once the order is processed.  Accelerated ERP also provides for After-market management including Part Sales, Warranty and support.


Window and Door Manufacturers

Accelerated ERP’s ability to work in a Make to Order (MTO) and Configure to Order (CTO) environment, allows Window and Door manufacturers to easily follow a Quote – to Cash – to Warranty business flow.  Accelerated ERP’s Product Configurator allows for easy order creation based off of a selection of features and options with specific attention addressed to dimensional product requirements; pricing of orders from the options chosen is automatically calculated upon order acceptance.  Accelerated ERP also handles BOM (Bill of Material) maintenance for unlimited levels, MRP Planning, Production and Shop Floor Control, Truck Scheduling and After-market management including Parts Sales and Warranty.  Click the link below to download the spec sheet on ERP for window and door manufacturers.


Web Analytics and Mobile Apps utilizing APEX

Metasystems Web Analytics Utilizing Apex

Our Web Analytics includes; Dashboards, Interactive Reports and Mobile applications, which are built using APEX (Oracle Application Express®). APEX is a development tool from Oracle® that allows us to produce HTML quality applications.

Metasystems has the capabilities of turning your ERP data into knowledge for data-driven decision making.
Displayed in a fast, secure, intuitive and user-friendly manner using:
Dashboards & Datasheets – composed of Charts, Graphs, Gauges & Interactive Reports, allows your Executives and Team Leaders to analyze your existing ERP data real-time as well as historical information.
Our APEX Web Analytics applications are designed to run from Tablets, Mobile phones and/or Desktop computers.

Click the link below to download the document with more information on our Metasystems Web Analytics Utilizing APEX.


Contact us – Web Analytics utilizing APEX for more information on pricing.