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Accelerated ERPTM is built using the Oracle Database, a secure, reliable, high performance solution for your business needs. Oracle Database 11g Standard Edition One offers our customers “Lower Costs with Higher Productivity”. Using Oracle Database 11g SE1, companies can interconnect their various systems and applications and consolidate all the information into a single, secure repository. This centralizes and simplifies their information management. It also reduces costs, as one database is quicker and easier to administer than multiple, application-specific repositories.


As a leading product for company-wide integration of network fax solutions, ActFax (ActiveFax Server) has set the standard for years. Many major companies from different business lines all over the world are our customers and trust in ActFax. The client/server architecture of ActFax allows a fast and simple integration of fax and email with Windows as well as other operating systems, like Unix, Linux, DOS or mainframes. The software also offers full support for terminal server environments.


BarTender label software has long been recognized around the world by users, resellers and printers manufactures for its speed, reliability, flexibility and ease-of-use. And, with the industry’s most powerful features for integration with other software and the continued growth of, our RFID functionality, we are expanding into more and more high-growth industries all the time. We also continue to be the world’s largest developers of true Windows drivers for thermal printers.

2014 Latest NEWS:  BarTender® Again Named Best Professional Barcode Software

TopTenREVIEWS, a prominent website dedicated to independent product reviews, has named BarTender as the Best Professional Barcode Software for the second year in a row. The review site delivered its endorsement after analyzing dozens of features and capabilities in ten barcode software packages.

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Built on three main tenets of simplifying IT, less complexity, and the advantages offered by the Dell business model, PartnerDirect will create a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship between Dell and Metasystems Inc.  As a Registered Dell Partner specializing in Enterprise Architecture, Metasystems, Inc. gains additional expertise in key enterprise products and solutions, including servers, storage, virtualization, computing flexibility and energy efficiency.PartnerDirect, administered by the Dell Global Commercial Channel Group led by Greg Davis, is designed to provide companies like Metasystems, Inc. with the opportunity to utilize Dell’s enterprise expertise while also helping Dell to evolve its culture.


Macrium has been offering its “Complete Disaster Recovery Solution”, Macrium Reflect, for disk imaging, file backup, disk cloning and disaster recovery since 2006.   Have you ever experienced a personal data disaster and in the process discovered existing backup tools were not as good as you expected?   Macrium is the answer!  With over 3 million downloads worldwide they are considered one of the fastest and easiest solutions to use for disk imagery and recovery solutions.  Macrium’s team is continually developing and enhancing the capabilities of Macrium to bring you even faster disk recovery times and enhanced feature sets.